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Why The Food Movement Should Occupy Wall St


I’m glad somebody wrote this article. When I was at Occupy Wall St, I didn’t see many folks talking about food AT ALL. My sign read “Corporate America: Get Your Grubby Hands Off My Food”, and I felt like a total loner.

People who are into food sovereignty and justice and animal rights… please go Occupy and talk about food. I feel like people are talking about money too much at these events. To me, food problems are even deeper than money problems. Because, you know, why do we even have money in the first place? So we can buy food and stay alive. Let’s scream about how this is the core flaw of our society, about how it’s what keeps people in prison their entire lives and prevents us from knowing true freedom. Let’s shout about food independence, about the right to a healthy diet, about stopping pesticide use and genetically modified crops, and ending factory farming.

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    People who are into food sovereignty,justice and animal rights… please go Occupy and talk about food. Let’s shout about...
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  8. silyou said: I agree with the healthy food movement. But I don’t see how modern society can exist without mass farmed food. How can we feed our million people cities with small local farms? I think we need healthier and more responsible factory farming.
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