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Attention Tumblr Folk


I’m sure you are all aware of the disgusting behavior demonstrated by the Philadelphia Police Department on Tuesday night. The Philadelphia Police Department, especially officers on the “Strike Force”, are an absolute disgrace. I, along with several other women, had a bicycle shoved in between my legs, while screaming you’re hurting me. Several of us we’re thrown onto the ground without just cause, and beaten. They we’re using their bicycles as weapons. One police offer brandished a knife at a peaceful protester. These are the people in which we pay to protect us? SHAME. The brutality I saw that night I will never forget. They hurt my brothers and sisters, who remained peaceful. We’re not done, this is only making us stronger. Be aware. If you havn’t gotten involved in the movement, get involved now. It’s not too late, we’re not done. On to phase two, YOU CANNOT EVICT AN IDEA. 

ps: ACAB.

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Occupy Philly eviction


Fuck what you see or hear on major news outlets. I’ve been downtown since 1:00 am. I saw reporters giving misinformation live from the MANY sites where we were collectively detained, brutalized, and some arrested. No one charged horses; mounted cops got tired of us and moved forward. We (this means me) were pushed to the ground by cops with bikes. People were hit with batons. I watched a person in cuffs have their lower back stood on while five cops decided where to take them. Violence took place tonight and it was all instigated by the city and by individual officers.
The police are not your friends, y’all.

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I got arrested at Occupy Philly last night. Don’t let corporate media fool you into thinking there was no police brutality involved in Philly’s eviction. This is only what happened to me.

This was after we were asked to get on the sidewalk, and we got on the sidewalk. Then I got beat by the cops for no reason. I’ve always been a firm believer in “fuck the police,” so this wasn’t a shocking experience for me.

For those of you that don’t know, I am a peaceful and unarmed protester, exercising my “free speech.” This is police brutality, completely uncalled for and unjustifiable.

Y’all can save all that “the police are the 99%” bullshit for the birds.

photo credits: http://www.michaelalbany.com/occupy-philadelphia-eviction/

Police brutality: They’re doing it right.

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Occupy Los Angeles and Philadelphia Camps Cleared by Police - NYTimes.com


In city after city, the same scene is replayed — hundreds of cops excessively clad in riot gear (are they preparing to confront, or engage in, a riot?), are sent in to evict Occupy camps under the cover of midnight’s darkness.

Though we now know (thanks to the confession of Oakland Mayor Jean Quan) that many of these municipal crackdowns have been actively coordinated at a local and even federal level, even where there has not been outright conspiracy by the powers-that-be, the political and economic elite of each city have learned to mimic this particular strategy of repression.

Though cities are suppressing the physical encampments of the Occupy movement, the 1% who effectively rule this nation better be aware that the struggle for social, political, and economic democracy, which Occupy heretofore embodied, is not going away. This Genie is not going to be so easily stuffed back in to the bottle.

Though it may need to metamorphose in form, the process whereby the Occupy encampments are destroyed is akin to the process whereby the caterpillar is destroyed as it turns into a butterfly. Having put an end to the current phase of the struggle, the ruling class of this nation are unwittingly ushering in the next, more powerful phase of this struggle, which we will inevitable see arise in the months to come.   


Los Angeles police officers, scores of them in riot gear, dismantled an Occupy encampment at around 12:30 a.m. on Wednesday, after allowing hundreds of protesters to camp in front of City Hall for weeks.

When the police moved in, protesters scrambled out of the park and gathered in large groups in the surrounding streets. The police said they arrested 200 people.

By 3 a.m. the area around City Hall was quiet — the camp had mostly been cleared and police were focusing on a few protesters who had climbed up trees with their tents. The park was a sea of collapsed tents and litter. Several protesters who had linked arms in a circle were carried out by officers.

In Philadelphia early on Wednesday, police officers began to clear out a nearly two-month-old encampment next to City Hall. They met little resistance from protesters, many of whom marched elsewhere in the city after the police arrived at the site.

There were no reports of violence, but some demonstrators were arrested in what Mr. Goldstein called a “civil disobedience” action. Live aerial pictures from a local television station showed other protesters being detained about a mile north of City Hall, where they had marched. “You can’t evict an idea,” the local movement’s Facebook page declared.

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Video of last night's police raid on Occupy Philly


It includes the use of horses to disperse the crowd. Also, someone I know (somewhat) had their foot broken by one of the police officers, apparently with press credentials. It should be noted that the sidewalk is where the police told the protesters to go - then dispersed them further. The police captain was on WHYY this morning acting as if this was a peaceful process without injury, but what’s starting to surface is that that’s not quite the case. 

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